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Frequent fliers and business travellers can access Fast Track Services to join the Malaysian fast track program known MACS. Fast Track Services are the only world specialists in global passport control Fast track programs. We ensure that your application has every chance of success by ensuring it is complete, accurate and mistake-free. We also advise you of any additional steps you need to take and of any additional documentation you must provide. We advise you of any problems you may encounter from filing the application and we respond to most questions within 1 business day. We help you to make your mandatory MACS membership interview once your application is successful.

Please note: If you are resident in Singapore you must apply in person at MEVAS One Stop Centre, 1 Tanglin Rd, #03-10/11/12 Orchard Parade Hotel, Singapore 247905 


Program Eligibility

Fast Track Access

Program Description

How to Apply

MACS Program Fees

Terms & Conditions



Program Eligibility

You must belong to one of the following categories:

  • Citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia
  • Citizen or permanent resident of Singapore who makes at least 4 visits a month
  • Frequent travelers or long term immigration pass holders who travel within Malaysia and Singapore for the purpose of working 
  • Hold an international passport with 2 years minimum validity remaining;
  • Not listed in the Malaysian Immigration Suspect List;
  • Holds a long term immigration pass (if applicable - relevant to category B applicants);
  • Entry Visa (if applicable)

Foreign investors, business persons and professionals may also apply for MACS but need to meet the following criteria:

  • Sponsorship by a Malaysian company (or Malaysian-based company) and directly involved the in the development and projects / activities related to the Iskandar;



Fast Track Access

MACS allows fast border passage for pre-approved travellers using automated customs and immigration clearance.You can fast track passport control t the following locations:

Malaysian Airports: Bangunan Sultan Iskandar and Johor Bahru
Malaysia – Singapore Land Borders:  Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar, Tanjung Kupang, Johor



Program Description

MACS membership is valid for 1 year. You must attend an interview in order to be approved for membership and receive the MACS passport sticker.

There are 2 types of MACS passport stickers:-

Category A: Issued to short term immigration visa holders and non-Malaysian social visitors (includes business meetings)

Category B: Issued to long term immigration pass holders (e.g.: Employment Pass, Professional Visit Pass, Student Pass, Temporary Working Visit Pass)



How to Apply

Fast Track Services specializes in the checking and processing of MACS applications. We are a private company and are not related to any government agency. We cannot affect the outcome of your MACS membership.

STEP 1: Each applicant must pay the Fast Track Services fee by clicking the payment button

STEP 2: Download and fill out the application form

STEP 3: Email the application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax to 1 800 901 5056

STEP 4: Fast Track Services checks and processes your application and sends you details on how to check your application progress

STEP 5: Receive confirmation, attend an interview and collect your cards at an enrolment centre of your choice.



MACS Program Fees

To join the MACS Program applicants must pay the following fees:


  Fast Track Services Processing Fee   $149.99   One off payment via PayPal
  MACS Membership fee   RM30.00 (approx $10.00)   5 year membership

Your MACS membership is valid for one year from the date you receive your MACS membership sticker.




Terms & Conditions

Fast Track Services is a private company specializing in applications for global fast track and registered traveler services. We are not related to any government agency and cannot affect the outcome of your membership application. Please refer to our terms and conditions before purchasing our service. The PayPal fee is for Fast Track Services application checking and processing service. You will be required to pay additional fees either at your interview or from the credit card provided on your application form. All fees for the service you are buying are explained on this webpage. We issue refunds when we have not processed your application. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your refund request. Fast Track Services is not accountable for any information, omissions or errors written on the website or on the application form. The maximum liability for any circumstance will not exceed the purchase price.









REFUND policy

Did you change your mind about using our service? The quickest way to get a refund is to email We will process your refund within 24 business hours. There is no need to go via PayPal to get your refund - this will be a lot slower and can take up to several weeks if you make a chargeback.

Please note we refund in full for applications not submitted or processed.

Fast Track Consultancy Services

Fast Track Consultancy Services is not affiliated with any government body. We offer paid assistance with services offered by the government – you decide whether to use us or go to the government directly. You can find all government services at a lower cost on the official website. Our expertise is to explain the government jargon and simplify the application process

Service Benefits
  • Advice and guidance over which travel program is the right one for you
  • All questions answered by email within 24 hours
  • No crashing online forms
  • No perplexing government jargon
  • Interview preparation and assistance
  • Advice on documents required for applications and interviews
  • Assistance with application denials
  • Advice on criminal records and convictions
  • Advice on visa requirements
  • Recommendations and information on other worldwide fast track programs