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Privium FAQ’s


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Privium Program:

How do I report a lost or stolen Privium card?

If you lose your Privium membership card please call + 31 (0)20 – 601 4222 immediately or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Your card will be blocked immediately and you will not be able to access s any Privium facilities should you find it.

How do I replace a missing Privium card?

You must make an appointment with the Privium ClubLounge in order to replace a missing Privium membership card. The Privium ClubLounge phone number is +31 20 601 4222. You must bring a valid passport or European identity card with you to the appointment. The Privium ClubLounge is situated between departure lounge 1 and 2, opposite desk row 9. It is open from Sunday - Friday from 06:00 - 20:30 hrs.

Can I use my Privium card in place of my passport?

No. You cannot use a Privium card in place of a passport. It is not a valid citizenship document and can be used only to fast track immigration / passport control as well as using the other benefits associated with the card.

Can I use my Privium card even if I have a new passport or my old passport has expired?

The Privium ClubLounge is situated between departure lounge 1 and 2, opposite desk row 9. It is open from Sunday - Friday from 06:00 - 20:30 hrs.

Can I become a Privium member with an emergency passport?

No. You must have a national ID card and or passport with full validity.

My passport expires in a few months should I wait before applying for Privium membership?

Yes. If your passport expires you must go through the procedure of reporting your new passport to the Privium ClubLounge and you will not be able to use any of the Privium benfits like the automated passport control until you have done so. It is far better to wait for your old passport to be renewed and then apply for Privium membership.

Do I have to have a valid ticket to use the Privium lane and Lounge?

Yes. Random checks are conducted by the Dutch Border Police (Koninklijke Marechaussee) and Airport Security Personnel. Your Privium membership may be revoked if you enter the border area without a valid ticket.

Can I apply for Privium if I have dual nationality?

Yes, providing one of your nationalities corresponds with the Privium permitted countries? If you are a dual national of two of the countries, you should enter the country that you are resident in at the time of application.

Can my identity be stolen from my Privium card?

It would be extremely difficult to clone your identity from your Privium card. The main data held on the card is your iris scan and because this is unique to you it is very fraud-resistant. Your biometric data is stored on the chip of your Privium Card The Dutch Data Protection Authority has approved the design for the use of Privium member data, including the use of data for the benefit of automated border passage.

Can I use my Privium card to enter other countries?

No. Privium is only good for use at Amsterdam Schipol Airport. If you are a Dutch citizen you can use your Privium membership to join the United States Global Entry program which will give you expedited entry into the USA. To learn more about Privium membership for Dutch citizens please click here.

Can I lend my card to someone else to use the Privium Plus parking facilities?

No. Your membership cannot be transferred to any third party and by doing so your Privium membership may be revoked.

What happens to my personal data when I apply for Privium membership?

Fast Track Services is a private company and we abide by all privacy protection laws. You can check out our privacy policy here. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol complies with all privacy protection laws. The same information that is available to the Dutch Border Police (Koninklijke Marechaussee) from the regular passport control is available to them from the automated border passage via a system link.

Is there a minimum or maximum height restriction for using the Privium iris scanners?

Yes. The scanner is placed at 1.30 meters. Tall people can use the scanner but must bend down to use it. The minimum height is 1.50 meters and people under this height cannot apply for Privium membership.

Can people in wheelchairs apply for Privium membership?

No. The Privium lane has not been designed for wheelchair access.

How long does it take to get a Privium card?

Your Privium card will be given to you at your interview after your iris scan. You can use it immediately.

How long is Privium membership valid for?

Your Privium membership is valid for one year from the date you receive your Privium membership card. As your membership year ends you will receive an email informing you to pay your annual membership fee. You do not have to attend another interview nor do you have to pay the Fast Track Services service fee again. If you fail to renew your membership your Privium card will be blocked and you will have to reapply as though you are a first time member.

Terms & Conditions

Fast Track Services is a private company specializing in applications for global fast track and registered traveler services. We are not related to any government agency and cannot affect the outcome of your membership application. Please refer to our terms and conditions before purchasing our service. The PayPal fee is for Fast Track Services application checking and processing service. You will be required to pay additional fees either at your interview or from the credit card provided on your application form. All fees for the service you are buying are explained on this webpage. We issue refunds when we have not processed your application. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your refund request. Fast Track Services is not accountable for any information, omissions or errors written on the website or on the application form. The maximum liability for any circumstance will not exceed the purchase price.

REFUND policy

Did you change your mind about using our service? The quickest way to get a refund is to email We will process your refund within 24 business hours. There is no need to go via PayPal to get your refund - this will be a lot slower and can take up to several weeks if you make a chargeback.

Please note we refund in full for applications not submitted or processed.

Fast Track Consultancy Services

Fast Track Consultancy Services is not affiliated with any government body. We offer paid assistance with services offered by the government – you decide whether to use us or go to the government directly. You can find all government services at a lower cost on the official website. Our expertise is to explain the government jargon and simplify the application process

Service Benefits
  • Advice and guidance over which travel program is the right one for you
  • All questions answered by email within 24 hours
  • No crashing online forms
  • No perplexing government jargon
  • Interview preparation and assistance
  • Advice on documents required for applications and interviews
  • Assistance with application denials
  • Advice on criminal records and convictions
  • Advice on visa requirements
  • Recommendations and information on other worldwide fast track programs